Thermo Valve

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    Secure and adjustable
    It’s a high-performance, low-profile 360-degree swivel drysuit Inflation Thermo Valve made
    with superb quality, tried-and-tested components.
    Its ergonomic design is thought-out in such a way that it provides top comfort of use.
    Its constructional reliability ensures progressive and smooth gas flow along with safe
    exploitation in any conditions. It’s designed for years and years of trouble-free use.
    Small and convenient, this ultra-low-profile thermo valve can be adapted to any
    configuration of BM, SM, and REB.
    The A360 T-Valve can rotate a total of 360 degrees allowing for a wide range of hose
    configurations – thus, it truly doesn’t matter in this case if one rig routes the drysuit hose
    under the right arm and another – under the left.
    Due to proper air dispersion, using the valve is comfortable and intuitive – all without
    compromising in reliability and safety.

    Solid and reliable
    We also used a virtually unbreakable E/O cord. Thanks to its coaxial structure with an
    extended cross-section of a copper conductor, we achieved a lowered resistance, which
    increased the performance of the entire heating system.
    The A360 T-Valve has a very low profile, a streamline construction and features a domed
    form. All that transfers to reducing snag hazards, regardless of where the valve is
    An extra-large recessed push-button is effortless yet controlled which makes it easy to
    operate even with thick gloves or cold hands. Moreover, a strong spring of the push-button
    ensures precise and progressive control of airflow and stopping the flow dead when the
    button is released.
    A smooth backplate with a dozen or so ammonite-shaped holes gives protection from
    uncomfortable pressure loads on the chest and prevents cold air blasts through
    The thermo valve is robust due to its nickle plated brass and stainless steel parts.
    The carefully designed structure contributes to the reduction of the wear of the seals and
    general exceptional durability.

    Safe and comfortable
    The A360 T-Valve can be easily installed and removed without the use of additional tools.
    But to make its users’ life even even easier and simplify the (dis)mounting process, we add
    a steel wrench to each thermo valve.
    Every piece we create is designed and manufactured in its entirety by Ammonite System
    in Poland, and the T-Valve is no different. Each one is also assembled with care by our very
    own team of professionals, and you can count on our full support from day one.
    The T-Valve is covered by a 3-year warranty. All of our products are backed by
    a world-class after-sales service.
    We simply want your dives to be pleasant and your diving experience – stress-free.
    You can dive right in and breathe easy – we at Ammonite System will take care of the rest.

    T-Valve A360 Apeks

    • A360 T-Valve is dedicated to APEKS suit attachment standard only
    • Wide 65mm
    • Height 27mm (outer part)
    • Diameter of the mounting opening +/- 38mm
    • Connect the valve to your first stage via a 3/8” UNF male coupling.

    T-Valve S360 Si Tech

    • S360 T-Valve is dedicated to SI TECH suit attachment standard only
    • Wide 65mm
    • Height 27mm (outer part)
    • Diameter of the mounting opening +/- 33 mm
    • Connect the valve to your first stage via a 3/8” UNF male coupling

    De T-Valve Apeks variant is leverbaar, de T-Valve Si Tech is op dit moment nog niet leverbaar.


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    Thermo Valve
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    Thermo Valve
    T-Valve A360 Apeks
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